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What to expect in 2024

What do I plan doing with my own website?

For the few of you that stopped by before I overhauled this, you would've seen that I talked about this being my author website. But guess what: my life sucks! Not hard to figure out with one look at my Tumblr girlblogging. Even though storytelling is my special interest and I have five years worth of story ideas, I've made the choice to put all fiction projects on the backburner as I focus on my mental health and dealing with mental disabilities in my survival state. Stay with me, I'm not abandoning this website. I still have things I'd like to display on Neocities.

  • Personal photography: These include my works in toy photography from 2017 onwards, as well as my more recent still life and "beauty in the mundane" series. Because these represent me the most, they will likely come first.

  • My parent's photography: My parents have an extensive and interesting collection of pictures of the world through their eyes. Because I hate them, I'd like to release them for royalty free use. I envision a thumbnail gallery on Neocities with the pictures hosted on a website built for downloading royalty free images, after that I will release them slowly.

  • Nonfiction about fiction: This covers any reviews, story analysis, or otherwise that I'd like to blog about.

  • Zines: I'd love to release small publications covering personal interests of mine.

  • Safety pins in a line graphic for breaking segments up

    Now take some graphics!

    Here's some buttons I made if you're feeling generous enough to put one on your site.

    Schepper Wubs round rectangle button - writer - artisan - magician

    Here's some stamps I made so you can get a better feel for my personality. Free to use since I don't own any of the pictures, but please also copy the alt text I wrote out for each of them

    Half CD eyes with tentacles - text Fears in the Water TVBS Stamp woman black hair dark red tinges smiling at camera - text Cassandra Ford TVBS Stamp cartoon portrait short haired woman skeleton costume - text Zombina and the Skeletones Stamp bold font reads - horrorpunk's not dead - eye floating in corner Stamp blue short haired mspaint chibi anime girl wide eyed - text Sparkle On Raven the Life of Drill Girl Stamp pink double ponytail with red bows anime girl angry eyes biting something Stamp black haired eyes covered anime girl epic skateboard trick Stamp WipEout sci-fi race ship red and white Stamp WipEout sci-fi race ship purple close up on cockpit Stamp SARS-2 bacteria art - text covid is airborne and still here - pandemic isn't over Stamp ladybug on lilypad green pond water drop slow motion Stamp ocean with black and yellow striped fish

    Update history

    2024 March 10th

  • Photography page launched with 21 examples of my early work
  • Finally updated the footer date to 2024
  • 2024 February 21st

  • Updated graphics in preparation for launch
  • 2024 January 24th

  • Offsite, the photography page is coming underway
  • Updated the Horrorpunk's Not Dead stamp, cut up from Horrorpunk's Not Dead Vol. 2
  • And introducing the safety pin divider!
  • That's it for now because I know better than to burn myself out on a January release
  • 2023 December 18th

  • Added new favicon and site logo, my pixel art of Gelodark/Wicked from Crazy Bones
  • Theme names shortened for simplicity
  • Changed millipedes background to dark grey
  • Pink millipede has, sadly, been removed
  • Made the crimson brighter
  • h1 is now replaced with logo
  • Added roadmap and stamps!
  • Studying web accessibility for dyslexia
  • Still just a girl trying to survive the world
  • 2023 October 27th

  • Updated themes: many millipedes, dark hearts, and clean crimson
  • 2023 October 23rd

  • Made header bar consistent site wide.
  • Added dark mode / remove centipedes switch which will be subject to cosmetic updates.
  • Planning font switcher.
  • Planning better way to convey updates
  • Looking at various widgets to implement off-site things eg. RSS feed reader.